Rounding the bend

Posted in plants by Fred - May 19, 2014

I’ve been at my new job for almost two years.  I suppose that means it isn’t necessarily a new job anymore.  I’m still very happy at my semi-new job. Hopefully some day I can move into a house again. I miss having my own vegetable garden.


Okay Radioshack gets it…

Posted in Advertising,YouTube by Fred - Feb 10, 2014

If you were watching the Superbowl for the ads, I’m sure you were disappointed. I was watching for the actual game, which was equally disappointing.  I did  like the RadioShack advertisement. It’s nice to see when a brand is self-aware. They’re acknowledging the fact that they were the place for those odd bad batteries, a pack of blank cassettes, remote-controlled cars, and some new wires to use in the stereo.  In other words…when was the last time you needed to go to RadioShack?  Maybe this advertisement reengages the audience. It was a good laugh in either case. It was nice to see Q-Bert get some airtime. It’s been awhile.





10k in April

Posted in Random,YouTube by Fred - Feb 7, 2014

This is an entertaining video to watch. This is the route for a 10k race I’ll be running in April. Now, if I can only run as fast as this video…


Mascots for a good cause

Posted in baseball,humor by Fred - Aug 21, 2013

Look at Mr. Met and the Philly Phanatic being the best of friends…



The 90s…

Posted in music,YouTube by Fred - Aug 19, 2013

This song (associated with the music video below) popped on the radio the other day. The song is “Sending All My Love” by Linear.  On occasion (and the occasions are rare) I do tune away from my radio station just to get…something else usually when I’m getting ready to go to the gym.  This particular radio station has a knack for occasionally dropping in some 90s hit.  I don’t know if it is this station only, or if this is general practice around the states with 90s music…like the way 80s music began to leak back into pop station after being kept in a vault for 7 or 8 years.  In any case, I remember this song. I haven’t heard it in years, but I recall it being played and played and played on the radio in the 90s.  I have never seen the video until today. I watched it, burst into laughter, and thought…what on earth were we thinking?





United Kingdom Trip Part 2

Posted in travel by Fred - Apr 30, 2013

On my second day in the United Kingdom, we had a free day in London. Here are a few photos from some of the places I visited. Click on the images to see a larger photo.

London Tower

This is outside the London Tower. I got there just as they were closing the front gate for the day. I only got to wander around the structure. It will be on my list to visit on my next time there.

Part of the Original Wall

This is part of what’s left of the wall the surrounded Londinium.


I stopped by the Selfridges Department Store.  The point of this trip was to join viewers who are huge fans of Downton Abbey.  Mr. Selfridge is the Masterpiece Classic broadcasting on PBS stations now. I thought it would be cool to see the real Selfridges and Co.
Selfridge Sign

Entrance to the BBC

I also took time to visit the BBC since I was in London. I was able to get a tour of some of their radio studios. The last photo is a portion of their gigantic newsroom. It was very impressive. 
BBC Radio Studio BBC Production Studio


Watch out for the Dalek!

BBC News Room


United Kingdom Trip Part 1

Posted in travel,Unknown by Fred - Apr 22, 2013

Downton Abbey has been a popular series as part of the PBS Masterpiece franchise.  If you have never seen it the first episode is available as a free download on iTunes (at the time of this post…that only lasts a week.) Just as the program has been strong nationally, it has also done well locally at the station I work at which prompted the idea of providing an opportunity for die-hard viewers of the show to take a trip to see the real castle where portions of the program are taped. Touring Highclere Castle are so popular, tours sell out quickly. In fact, tours for all of 2013 are already sold out the the guests that joined me and the station’s CEO for the trip get a very exclusive tour of the castle. Here are a few pictures from the grounds around the castle. Photography is not permitted inside.  Click on any of the images below to see a larger picture:IMG_1176IMG_1178 IMG_1181 IMG_1183 IMG_1190 IMG_1192 IMG_1198 IMG_1199 IMG_1200 IMG_1202 IMG_1206 IMG_1207 IMG_1209


The tour of Highclere was the start of a 10 day trip around the United Kingdom.  More pictures to come!