From summer past

Posted in church,Memories by Fred - Sep 5, 2011

Most of the house is unpacked, except for my office or as Michele puts it, “my dorm room.” I was continuing the unending chore of unpacking, organizing, and purging unwanted materials . If there is one habit I picked up from my parents, it’s the ability to hold on to everything. Case in point:

These are tickets for the Holy Cross Church picnic. I have not attended this picnic in at least 15 years, give or take a few years.  Holy Cross is located in Fairfield, and I haven’t lived anywhere near that church in at least 15 years.  As I was admiring this golden nugget to the past I recalled many times helping my dad setup for the picnic,  run the children games, or scooping out Micalizzi Italian Ice (the only real kind out there.) The church picnic was a regular staple of the summer when living in Fairfield and Stratford.  Of course, what has astonished me more now is how I managed to keep these tickets. I have moved so many times. These tickets must have stayed at the bottom of some moving box and survived by staying out of the way all these years.  I don’t suppose I can get my 50 cents back now?






4 Responses to “From summer past”

  1. Fr Mike says:

    Or take them to the next picnic and see whether you can buy an Italian ice with them!

  2. Fred says:

    It would be a great bargin if it’s only 50 cents! I’m sure the kid’s games cost more than that.

  3. Fred Vigeant says:

    Wow! What a find!! Good for you!!! I am not sure they even have the picnic any more. Much of the grounds were dug up for a school building.

  4. Momaniita!! says:

    Hold on to them–like a true Vigeant!!

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