We’re still a few weeks short of the baseball season (okay more than a few weeks, we haven’t even had the Super Bowl yet!) However, this news has made me very happy.  Beginning this season the local ESPN radio affiliate will join the Mets Radio Network.  ESPN 100.1 in Oswego is only a few years old, and has featured the Red Sox during their existence.  The Yankees already have an affiliate in the region.

It must be my upbringing, but I’m a fan of live sports on the radio.  I have spent many summers with Mets and Yankees broadcasts echoing throughout the house on various strategically located radios, as well as on family car rides.  Actually, it wasn’t until  I got to college where I began to regularly watch baseball or football on tv. Up until then I mostly listened to the Patriots and Giants on the radio exclusively. I mostly prefer listening to it still, because I can multitask.

I’m happy to have the Mets available locally, though I didn’t mind the Red Sox up here. ESPN Radio is an affiliate of SU Sports, Giants Football, and Jets Football so they have brought a lot of live broadcasts to the area which previously weren’t as easy to grab on the radio. Also during the football season they have pulled in Westwood One broadcasts of the game of the week when the Jets and Giants weren’t playing so there was always some team playing every Sunday on the radio which was a nice treat.

It might not be the right season to bring them in locally, still rebuilding I think but “Lets go Mets!”




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