This is an entertaining video to watch. This is the route for a 10k race I’ll be running in April. Now, if I can only run as fast as this video…

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The 90s…

This song (associated with the music video below) popped on the radio the other day. The song is “Sending All My Love” by Linear.  On occasion (and the occasions are rare) I do tune away from my radio station just to get…something else usually when I’m getting ready to go to the gym.  This particular radio station has a knack for occasionally dropping in some 90s hit.  I don’t know if it is this station only, or if this is general practice around the states with 90s music…like the way 80s music began to leak back into pop station after being kept in a vault for 7 or 8 years.  In any case, I remember this song. I haven’t heard it in years, but I recall it being played and played and played on the radio in the 90s.  I have never seen the video until today. I watched it, burst into laughter, and thought…what on earth were we thinking?




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A little blast from the not so distant past with Bob and Doug McKenzi to get you in the Christmas spirit!


A few weeks ago I posted video from Oswego’s close and crazy loss in basketball. Last night the Syracuse Orangemen got completely stunned. Here is raw video where the SU player ties the game with 2 seconds to go (everyone thinks, okay we’re going to overtime), then nearly at half court, the Cleveland State player throws the ball into the air AND MAKES IT!



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An exciting end, though not in Oswego’s favor:

You’ll get them next time Lakers!   I’m told this video was featured on ESPN’s top plays yesterday.




Name that tune…

What’s the name of that song.. it’s from Interpol…it’s got a puppet….something about a couch…the title is one word. This was a question that dogged conversation at the bar last night for many minutes!


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